It's Time For A Fresh Party To Govern The Country

     It's no secret that I have voted NDP in the past . Both Federally and Provincially.

     For reasons I won't go into here I will not be voting for the Provincial NDP nor the Liberals but will either vote BC First or a Independent Candidate if there will be one running for the position of MLA.

     But for the upcoming Federal election I will be voting for the Federal NDP candidate Michael Crawford  in my riding.of Kamloops -Thompson -Cariboo I will also be actively campaigning against our present MP Cathy McLeod  for the sole reason that she openly supports HST in BC.

There is no doubt that the HST is hurting seniors and low income families. There is also no doubt that it is helping big business.

Remember when this ta was being forced on us and Campbell and Hansen were telling us how it will allow business to lower prices. We knew that was a bald faced lie then. and we have the proof now. I'd like anyone out there to prove to e that prices have lowered. So people will say "well liquor was lowered". Bullshit. And it's on record that the Liberals, when they saw that was going to happen, raised the price accordingly.

As far as other prices going down, business is now saying "well we haven't had a raise in quite a while, so we'll use this as a raise." What a pathetic god damn excuse. The HST is nothing but a ripoff of our meager wages and another way to give out corporate welfare.
As for Voting NDP Federally. Their time has come. For more than 100 years, big business money has run this country. They would have you believe that the NDP would ruin the country. What proof do they have?
None. Absolutely squat. It's a scare tactic that is backed by the big business media in this country. There is no evidence of the NDP ruining the country because they have never been elected as the Governing Party

If you disagree with me let me know. Give me some evidence. Otherwise, just gou out and vote anyone but the Bloc, Liberals, or conservatives.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything is good now at home. Good to see you back in the saddle.


Anonymous said...

It is also no secret, BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. You would have to be, as brain dead as Martyn Brown, not to see the HST has killed this province and the people in it. We all knew, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, colluded on the HST, before the BC election. The no HST on their radar, was just an election lie. Along with BC's tiny deficit.

Campbell's other election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale, is the most corrupt event, in Canadian history. The trial was a farce, even the judge was brain dead.

The provincial NDP, have good candidates. I really like Horgan, but would accept, Farnworth or Dix too. I sure in the hell, won't vote Liberal. Lies, deceit and cheating to win, is the BC Liberals mantra.

As far as Federal. Harper wants to have Canada, in a Global Governance. Harper is no better than, his good buddy Campbell. The Federal Conservatives, rip the people off, to give to, the wealthiest corporations in the world. And so does Campbell, yes he's still around.

Jack Layton capitulated to Harper, who gave the big boys, ANOTHER tax reduction. This will come off Canadians paychecks. Thanks for nothing Jack. I did think Jack cared about the citizens, better than that.

Ignatieff, supports the HST, even when the HST provinces are tanking. They have done the worst of, all of the other provinces.

The outlook for Canada is, all for the gain of the huge corporations, at the expense of the Canadian citizens. Harper's Global Governance, will be the huge corporations. They are calling all of the shots now. It just isn't official yet.

Gary E said...

Anon 3:51PM
Thanks for your thoughts. Unfortunately it will take a lot longer for everything to get better here. Let's just say I have one foot in the stirrup righy now and don't intend on getting thrown off.
Anon5:47 as far as Jack "capitulating to Harper" I saw it as an attempt to trade some things for now. But Harper has his own agenda and he has gambled on his parties popularity to win him the next election. I guess he never heard about two weeks being a long time in politics.
It's time the masses woke up to the act that the MSM is supporting these fools. It's your vote not big business. Use it wisely.

Rolf said...

I agree with you. I want to see the Harper government gone. In that vein:
1) "Harper Government Stifles Freedom of Speech" (article)
2) "Harper Plans to Win Majority Using Women Voters" after eroding their rights for years. (article)
3) "Harper Government: Privatize Medicare" (article)
My federal politics blog: http://bit.ly/fscBlz
(Click "About" re reading posts, or on my picture.)

Gary E said...

Thanks for pointing us to your blog Rolf. I read some of it and it's pretty good.
Anyone wanting to read his work is encouraged to go to http://bit.ly/fscBlz