Canada.com won't use the word crap.

 My response to an article in the province about the conservative spin on a "coalition" that defeated them was met by what I think is ridiculous editing by the editors

What's all this (my original post said "crap") BS about a coalition? Had this criminal government been defeated by a predetermined agreement about the budget then Maybe there would be a coalition But they were defeated  on a non confidence motion because they were in contempt of parliament. They had contempt for the voters they are supposed to represent and were defeated by the Her Majesties Loyal Opposition.
And I might add here that the NDP are the only party that hasn't had the chance to screw up. All those that keep spouting about doom and gloom if the NDP are elected had better come up with irrefutable proof that they will screw
Crap could mean a few things like stuff laying around or shit. But BS only means one thing. Bullshit.
Go figure


Anonymous said...

Well, any of the words above will not do. You also can't use the Nazi word, or the Hitler word, even if they really did exist, and they were fascists, and Hitler was indeed a dictator. Taliban is a better word than Nazi. Why that is, I have no idea. Christy Clark called the people opposing Campbell the Taliban, and that was acceptable. You are not allowed to say it, as it is.

Gary E said...

At the risk of divulging secrets here, every tie I make a comment in a newspaper online, I copy and paste that comment here at How Bad Is The Record. Then if they don't print it I go after them in my blog.

And just to let you and others know I will use, and have used any language I want to express myself.
In a previous post I did that and many people realized that I was just expressing the things they were thinking. And if the Hitler wannabe Propaganda unit in Victoria want to call me on it fine.

kootcoot said...

Canada.com (what an arrogant domain name - as if they represent ALL Canadians) doesn't like the word crap because it might remind people of the original and more accurate name of the current minority holding party led by Stevie Spiteful or C(anadian)R(eform)A(lliance)P(arty).

Journalists who even use the word Tory in referring to these guys are lying already and should be brought before some journalistic disciplinary board. To refer to them as Conservatives is a stretch and to call them Tories is an insult to centuries of Tory tradition and real Tories on both sides of the Atlantic.

I see you have put up a couple posts lately and hope your crisis has resolved itself. As far as voting BC First - the name sounds good, but how far right are you prepared to go? Unfortunately the oft portrayed lefty/commie NDP are today center, or even center right. There is no left, decades of media consolidation, Reaganism, Thatcherism, Rupert Murdoch and Faux News has meant that the left is center at best and the rest try to outdo Genghis Khan and Hitler in their race to the right.

The idea that the tea-baggers to our south portray Obama as a left wing commie alien is laughable as Wall Street and Corporations in general could hardly ask for a better friend and help-mate while Americans without jobs, losing their homes, not so much!

Gary E said...

Koot this is great.

Thanks for pointing out to us that the mainstream media could be censoring possible negative words against a party who they obviously support. Just more fuel in my anger towards the yellow journalism in this country. Has Fox News bought them out yet?
CRAP: Canadian Reform Alliance Party
Good one.