Ida Chong Recall First Week Results

 After searching all day in the MSM and finally getting the results from the Oak Bay Gordon Head campaign I decided to write this piece on the situation. Gary E

The good folks volunteering to recall Ida Chong have collected  2,041 verified signatures. That's 13 % of the total votes needed by February 4th.
That number is the actual number of verified signatures. Some have to be revisited for various reasons.Then and then will they be included in the actual count. The people in Oak Bay Gordon Head have a well thought out campaign and they are provising valuable lessons for the rest of us.

Not bad for being out in not so good weather and having goons in dark suits harrasing the campaign. Which I allege is illegal under sec. 157 of the act.

As well, the ads being put forth to intimidate people from signing are not legal.It is against the law to intimidate people in any way to influence their vote. You can bet if this were a canvasser they would be all over them like white on rice.

Chongs' campaign would like to have you believe the Liberal party spin that the recall is about rehashing the last election. I don't understand what part of a MLA not backing their constituents they don't understand.And it seems she is not the only MLA spouting this spin.

Phil Hochstein,of the ICBA (Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of B.C.),  said his organization is running ads against the recall because it's a waste of money. Mr. Hochstein how much of your members money are you wasting on these ads? Members who were not advised by you as to what you are doing with their money. And that can't be denied because I have the information FIRST HAND from at least one member. And that's all we need although I suspect their are many more
Elections BC is aware of all of this and I expect a quick timely answer and nothing less. No more pusssy-footing around and delaying.

The folks at Recall Ida Chong have graciously consented to my posting their schedule here.

Recall Schedule For Oak Bay Gordon Head:
December 14th through December 23rd - Both offices open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.  Daily door to door canvassing and street canvassing.
December 24th & December 25 - Offices closed and no door to door.
December 26th through December 31st - Both offices open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.  Daily door to door canvassing and street canvassing
     Note:  We want to work this week hard as many people will be home after the holidays and many will take the Wed, Thurs & Friday off to have a full week off
January 1st - Offices closed and no door to door.
January 2nd through February 4th, 2011 - Both offices open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.  Daily door to door canvassing and street canvassing

Visit www.recallidachong.ca  for more information
Our good wishes for a successful campaign to the folks in Oak Bay Gordon Head.


Norm Farrell said...

Interesting comment at blog of SFU political scientist Kennedy Stewart.


Gary E said...

Norman, I can't thank you enough for this moral booster. With the onslaught of misinformation, threats and outright lies from the liberals and their boosters, this is most welcome.

I have passed it along to my list and they will pass it along as well.

Thanks again Norman

Anonymous said...

As an every day citizen of BC. Anything Cambell and the Liberals say, I automatically deem it a lie. So, this is of course, extends to any of Campbell's friends. We all know, it is required of Campbell's buddies, to be as underhanded as he is. Don't worry, we people see right through, Campbell and Hochstein's pathetic threats. They sure as the hell, don't scare me. Campbell only picks the, feeble, weak minded people, he knows he can manipulate, to do his dirty work for him. If push comes to shove, Campbell will cut their throats, the same as he did to Basi and Virk.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, to all the good people, for working their butts off, for all the people of BC. Campbell and the BC Liberals, do not recognize the constitution. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom, are buried under, Campbell's tons of dirt, and foul corruption. Hochstein, is just another one of, Campbell's butt kissing boys, willing to do his dirty, corrupt work for him. That's the Campbell, friend prerequisite, to be as low in character as he is.

Gary E said...

I have to say something here.Organizing a recall is a huge undertaking and it is all volunteer work.
When signing up volunteers it is understood that a certain percentage of those already signed will have their circumstances change. When this happens, some of these people find they may be unable to help out.
For this reason the canvasser/volunteer drive is ongoing. When you volunteer as a canvasser you may have to go door to door or maybe just sit in a polling center. Just volunteering is also as important. You may have to proof names, make signs, answer phones, or whatever. Each job is as important as the other. If you have thought of helping in anyway but thought you didn't have enough time, put that thought (no time) out of your head. Even if you are able to give an hour that would help. Remember 100 people at 1 hour is 100 hours.
Please help in any small way to ease the burden of others.

North Van's Grumps said...

"Members who were not advised by you as to what you are doing with their money."

Could it be that the table could be turned on the ICBA because they're using monies for their own political purposes without informing their membership on how their monies are being spent?


"December 2, 2008
Independent Businesses and Contractors Association

ICBA supports union members’ Charter challenge

The open shop contractors association in British Columbia is supporting a legal challenge by two union members, who believe their charter rights were violated when their dues were used to back a political cause.

The ICBA (Independent Businesses and Contractors Association) is supporting the workers, who won a bid to
be heard in B.C. Supreme Court."