Ida Chong and the Liberal Party Spin

 You can tell when party spin takes over in a situation like recall. All the MLA's spout the same Rhetoric. Not only Ida Chong is spinning it but so is Donna Barnett. The words they use are almost identical. One only need to read this article in Politics Respun


I find that the Liberal spin that they rolled this money grab out wrong is just pure spin.Now they want us to believe that they want to talk to us. Actually have a conversation. Why now when they wouldn't even allow full debate in the Legislature? It sounds to me like the school bully when someone finally smacks his face and all of a sudden he wants to talk. Their smugness has disappeared and they find their political asses in a sling and NOW they want to talk.  They don't even realize that we ARE talking. Our message is Drop the HST or face RECALL. You see we don't just have the HST we have them lying to the people. People who trusted them and sent them to Victoria to work FOR us. Not to go and give away the farm to their large political donors.
The people now have a vehicle to remove those who lied and we are using that vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

BC people want the BC Liberals, the hell out of our province. Campbell and his BC Liberals way of talking is, too dammed bad if you don't like the HST, you are paying it anyway. The Citizens are sick of the, lies, deceit, dirty tactics, theft, arrogance, and furious about Campbell and Hansen's, cheating to win. Now Campbell has called in, one of his dirty tactic friends. Hochstein of the ICBA, threatened the people of BC. Hochstein bragged, he has unlimited funds, to keep the HST. He has, $2.235 trillion dollars, to fight with. His revolting lies regarding, the decent and good people canvassing the recall, smearing them, has now caused more fury towards, the dirty BC Liberals. I gladly give the recall canvassers, my name and such. What does Mr. Hochstein do, with the names and personal information he gathers, for his dirty ICBA?? We BC people are fully aware of, Hochstein and Campbell's very close relationship. Their personalities are identical. Evil.