Prince of Pot to Plead Guilty In US Court

The best thing I find with the blogosphere is that if the mainstream media (MSM) don't like your comments they don't publish them but you can do it here. That also applies to any bloggers where you may leave a comment but it doesn't get published.

So all the MSM have published an article on Mark Emery pleading guilty in a US court. Thus jeopardizing himself I figure to a minimum sentance of 5 years. As I was reading comments on the articles things jumped out like "dope smoking no mind" or "Drugs" or he should get life fo his actions. Things like that.

I wanted to set the record straight with soome facts so I commented on what was being said. But the comments were not published so I will publish them here.

Following is pretty much what I said:

Marijuana is not a drug. It is a plant. It doesn't lead to other drugs as a "gateway". And the plant is called Hemp.

What happened you see is about a hundred years ago Pancho Villa expropriated about 800,000 acres of trees owned by Randolph Hurst the media mogul of the day. So randy decided to get even. He noted that a lot of mexicans were smoking this Hemp and he dug around for an obscure slang word to make the hemp sound bad. Marijuana.

So Hurst embarks on a campaign of "yellow journalism". He notes that some African Americans are smoking the "reefer" and starts publishing lies like if your daughter smokes it she will end up sleeping with the black man. Or they go crazy when smoking it and you can be murdered.

Then he lobbies the US Government to have it made illegal. His sole purpose for doing this is because he lost a bunch of trees. The Irony here is that if he had bothered to check things out he could have planted hemp in about one quarte the area that the trees used and he would produce the same amount of paper.

Now he succeeds in his campaign and the Government of the day makes it (growing hemp) illegal. But wait.
A war comes along and they need rope to tie up the ships and make parachuted ets. So the government temporarily suspends the law. Hypocracy in the first degree.

Now they want to crucify a man because he believes as I do that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Marijuana. I fact the good far outweighs the bad that the Cops or drug companies or liberal do-gooders may falsley dig up.

For more information jus google Jack Herer. Once you have all the facts then make your decision. Don't rely on the MSM and their yellow journalism or the lack of reporting all the facts.

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