BC Rail Day, July 14,2009

BC Mary at The Legislature Raids has suggested in a post that July 14,2009 should be designated as BC Rail Day. That is the date in 2004 that the contract was signed in what I allege was a illegal deal.

Now, we know that the Campbell Liberals will never proclaim this day because they want to keep everything about the giveaway of our railway secret. And the Mainstream Media most likely won't take up the call because I believe they just don't think that corruption is very newsworthy.

Two government employees have been charged with receiving bribes and one with money laundering after the historic Raid on the BC Legislature December 28, 2003. The raid made big news in the MSM at first but has since almost completely died. The only real news you will see on this case is in the online papers, The Tyee and 24 Hrs and of course about a dozen blogs.

Right from the get go there has been a major cover up going on here. In spite of Campbells rambling about how his government will help the investigation in every way it can. But it turns out they figured out how they can't help. Because this case from the beginning has involved this government all the way to the Premiers office.

Five years people. July 14 2009 is the fifth anniversary of the signing of this worthless piece of paper. I say worthless because any deal signed that was corrupted is null and void. And if any lawyers out there (not armchair lawyers) can show me differently I will retract that statement.

So the Gordon Campbell Liberals have managed to keep this trial under the radar for five years. How can this be done? Well if you read some of the blogs listed below you may be able to figure this out yourselves. For me I allege collusion. Collusion in very many ways.

July 14, 2004 could be for British Columbians a day that will live in infamy. I am urging you to write, phone and e-mail your elected MLA and The Premier himself to have the books opened on the BC Rail contract and to further stop the charade that is going on with case #23299 in British columbia Supreme Court.

Above is highlighted The Legislature Raids by BC blogger BCMary
Following are other blogs interested in this case:

Bill Tieleman

House of Infamy

BC Liberals Suck

Laila Yuille

The Gazetteer (Although Ross seems to be on a hiatus of sorts right now)

Vive le Canada (Where Robin Mathews contributes a column as well as reporting to The Legislature Raids)

Public Eye Online (where Sean Holman digs up the juiciest things)

That is the main list for the goods on the corruption case of BC Rail. If I have omitted anyone I apologize. If you are unfamiliar with this case just read the above blogs. You will definitely have your eyes opened.
When you have familiarized yourself I urge you to e-mail the information, or just point out the blogs as well as The Tyee and 24 hrs, to all your friends and relatives on your e-mail list. Get the word out. Lets start getting answers. Get your friends to e-mail their friends. Write or e-mail your MLA and the Premier. Put the pressure on and show them just how many people really care about this deal.


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