Mr. Premier, is it just me?

The Gordon Campbell Government is stalling on everything they do. Questions can't be asked in the Legislature on the BC Rail giveaway. All the opposition gets is "we don't comment. It's before the courts" This answer is given even if a question is remotely pertaining to the criminal giveaway of our railway.

We have a Major crisis in the Forest Industry and this government call for "roundtable discussions" How's that going Mr. Premier? We the people haven't heard a word. When you tell people something they expect you to act. You don't. Why did you sit on your hands and let the pine beetle take over our province? Where was your head.

You tell us you won't privatize our Railway. Then you do the opposite. You Lied.

You tell us you won't privatize the BC Ferry System. Then you do. You Lied. And this system is part and parcel of the Trans Canada Highway. What the hell gives. You say it was to keep fairs down. The fairs are going through the roof. People on small limited income pensions can't afford to ride these boats. And right after the fairs go up the Board has the god damned audacity to give themselves a hefty raise. This is one of the biggest insults to the people of this province ever. Then your minister has the utter gall to stand in the legislature and say he doesn't like it either. But he can't do anything. Bullshit. He can legislate a rollback. Just like the 25% you took from every needy citizen in this province.
You say you are not privatizing BC Hydro. How stupid do you think we are? You are making things so difficult for hydro that the will have to privatise so you can say that you are saving us money. Do you think we the population will be able to pay our hydro bills in 5 years after you give away all our rivers to buy back hydro that was ours in the first place.
And speaking of giving away the rivers. Was your idea of increasing the number of fish farms instead of shutting them down, done so you could have the sea lice kill off our river runs so that you can tell us that we have no fish so there is no impact on the runs? I think so.
You are supposed to be doing something about the "hallway medicine" and the long waits for surgery. When? In ten years? Sorry you won't be forming a government then. Is it your idea to set the health care in this province to such a state of caos that you could privatise it then say look what we did for you. Meanwhile the poor and mentally challenged would be dying in the streets.
Everything that your government is doing today give the appearance of a stall. Stall for what? So you can hand out goodies and have photo-ops just before the next election? I think so.
You say that you are appointing people to run what's left of our Crown Corporations that know how to do the job. If they can do the job then why when "the going gets tough the tough go".
Performance bonuses what a load of crap.
Well Mr. Premier I for one am not fooled by your grade school antics. And I'm damned sure I am not the only person in this province that feels this way


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you about MR CAMPBELL .

Gary E said...

Thanks anon 5:47.I know there are a lot of us out here. Sometimes I get so mad I just go on a rant and it is good to hear from people either way on these subjects.

Anonymous said...

There is a crude saying that "Bullshit baffles brains" well the 'stink' that is coming out of the Gordon Campbell government just proves the point and particularly when the MSM is part of the manure pile.

Anonymous said...

Took the words right out of my mouth! Thanks for getting this out there.