BC Supreme Court, 800 Smythe Street Vancouver

It has been suggested that we need a bit of direction regarding the Courthouse at 800 Smythe in Vancouver. Reasoning for this is to remind people that there is a very inportant case in the discovery stage dragging through the system. There are many people in this province that are unaware of what is going on here. And the lack of information in the past getting to the masses has for the BC Rail Corruption Trial been blamed on the MSM (mainstream media). So in this case citizen reporting would go a long way.

This lack of reporting has given rise to several blogsites on the internet. I speak of The Legislature Raids, http://bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com/. House of Infamy, http://houseofinfamy.blogspot.com/ , The Gazettteer, http://pacificgazette.blogspot.com/ There are several others too numerous to mention here but most are listed in the above blogs as links. They all add an immense amount of information to this trial.

Bill Tieleman has a blog http://billtieleman.blogspot.com/ As well he reports to a couple of online News outlets.

The Tyee http://thetyee.ca/ and 24hrs Vancouver http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/

It should be mentioned here that the MSM has improved, ever so slightly, on the reporting of this case. So what we need is for people to attend this court to get different perspectives on what is happening and to help fill a void. That being the possible absence of people to do the reporting. The two main reporters have been Robin Matthews, a retired professor, reporting for Vive Le Canada http://vivelecanada.ca/ and to the Legislature Raids. And Bill Tieleman blogging on his own site as well as reporting to The Tyee and 24hrs Vancouver. Others, including myself, have made appearances but it is not enough. The word needs to get out and we need to make the attempt to have this case televised.

So to help alleviate any frustrations or intimidations that may occur at the courthouse I'll attempt to take you on a walk through the building.

The Courthouse is of Course at 800 Smythe in Vancouver. The corner of Smythe and Howe.

Howe St. being part of the financial district in Vancouver.

There is a huge Glass front at street level, with several doors to enter into the lobby. Once inside the lobby, if you look to your left, you'll see a mass of couches and lounge chairs. Further left there appears to be a coffee and news stand. I'm not exactly sure as I never ventured there. On your right there are more lounge chairs. And just beyond of that is the reception desk for the RCMP officer or Sherriff on duty. Or at least that's my interpetation of it. As he is facing you, on his right, your left, is a bulletin board. This board holds the court docket (postings for that days court). Next to that on your left is another glass wall with doors. This is the court registry.

The posting used to be fairly simple. In the left column it listed the name of the defendants and the case number. Then the charges. Then the lawyers. Then the courtroom. and the Justice presiding. Now you need to know the Justice name and listed under that name are the cases they are handling that day as well as the time of day. Follow along the line to the couurtroom number.

The original courtroom for this case was 54 but it has been changed to 65. I can only assume that this was done for the accoustics. You can hear more clearly in the new courtroom.

How to arrive at courtroom 65: If you are looking at the docket next to the police desk turn around 180 degrees. You will notice an alcove where there are two elevators. You need to take one to the fourth floor. Get off at the fourth floor and walk out to the lobby. This is an area with a huge skylight the length of the building. Turn left and go to the next bank of elevators. Go to the sixth floor get off and walk out to the lobby. Turn left and walk down to courtroom 65. It is on your left.
Now, the last time I was there, I ran into a problem. I was at the courtroom just before 9:oo A.M. There was a notice on the door that there was a restricted hearing going on. And as I looked into the courtroom I noticed a sign that said something to the effect that you couldn't publish or record anything. The notice had a spanish sounding name on it so I figured that this was the hearing that was supposed to take place at 10:00. After further investigation (looking into the courtroom and seeing Bill Berardino and Kevin McCullough) I figured this was a ruse to prevent those not in the know from entering. Don't be confused by anything that may be a red herring. Read all the information given and enter the court. If it was to start at 9:00 it most likely will. If you're in the wrong court then the guards (sherriff) will tell you.
Another way of getting there if you want exercise is go to the fourth floor and walk out into the skylit area and walk up the stairs.
Don't forget to take a pen and a stenographers pad. And it would be real nice if you knew shorthand.
I hope this has been informative and not too complicated. If anyone has additions or corrections please advise. Gary E


Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for your kind words Gary and nice to meet you in person!

The reason for the room change is usually because another case has booked Courtroom 54 or Justice Bennett has a case immediately following in the room they use for the 9 a.m. hearing. This often leads to confusion as other witnesses and legal counsel show up for their scheduled 10 a.m. hearing only to find the Basi-Virk circus in town.

Gary E said...

You're welcome Bill. And it was nice meeting you.

And thanks for your reasons on the room change. Although it does take away from my conspiracy theorism.

BC Mary said...

So, Gary ... we find two elevators in an alcove ... take one of them up to the 4th floor ... get off ... shop around and find another elevator ... continue on up to the 6th floor ... get off ... look for Courtroom 65 and there, quite possibly, we will find real people in black robes who have very familiar names attached. Whew.

From a distance, we have come to know Madam Justice Bennett, Bill Berardino, Bolton, McCullough and Doyle ... but the fact is, we'd probably pass them in the corridor without knowing it.

Well ... with your directions, it just got a lot easier.

Many thanks for that. Hope to see you there soon. Like, this year, eh?


Gary E said...

That's about it Mary. And just a note on familiarity. As I was walking to the court from Tim Hortons I was just behind a gentleman and a young lady. The back of his head looked familiar as I followed them. When we got to the courthouse doors I opened one got him. When I got up to the courtroom later there he was standing with one side facing me. Bill Berardino himself. The young lady was one of the lawyers on his team.

Gary E said...

Sorry, it's early and I didn't edit my own comment.

"when we got to the courthouse doors I opened them for him."

kootcoot said...

It should be mentioned here that the MSM has improved, ever so slightly, on the reporting of this case.

Note the emphasis on "EVER SO SLIGHTLY" as in barely actually mention or acknowledge, as opposed to totally ignore and pretend it doesn't even exist!

I really appreciate your "in person" descriptions. I'm way too far away, and that may be a good thing. I'm not sure I could control myself if confronted by the arrogant disrespect for the rule of law displayed by most of the participants in this trial. As far as I can see the only people even trying to do their job and fulfill their "responsibility" and honor their various oaths, are the lawyers for the defence!

technical note:

Gary, you might want to look at the settings for your comments (as in separate window, etc.) as I have a lot of trouble (window won't expand and cannot scroll down on my end, have to open as separate tab to get full screen or access to new comment text box). There are various options under settings, though these vary depending on the template you choose to use.

Gary E said...

I know what you men by controlling yourself. Both Bill T and I made small audible outbursts at a comment made by McCullough on an answer he received from Berardino regarding the Prem answering his written questions. And everyone in the gallery were shaking their heads.

Gary E said...

Thanks to Kootcoot for the tech info. I hope it is fixed. If anyone else is having problems please feel free to comment.