Is Secession Our Next Step in BC?

I have lived in BC most of my life. I love this province. We have everything you could imagine for Scenery. Their are mountains (the highest in the country) valleys and gorges, deserts, rain forests, freshwater lakes and rivers. Pristine barely describes it.

I love this country too. I have seen it from coast to coast and have been as far north as Frobisher Bay (I think they call it Iqaluit now.) That's what it was called for thousands of years before the Europeans.

But the country is broken.

The fractures began slowly a long time  ago But with the Harper Cons it has accelerated at breakneck speed. And BC is feeling the brunt of the breakage.

When BC was sucked into Confederation:
Helmcken felt that B.C. was geographically too distant from the rest of Canada for proper communication with the east. B.C. would have little political influence, he argued, and would be subject to policy decisions made far away. This is still a concern of westerners today. 

 The final Terms of Union stated that Canada would "assume and defray the charges for" certain stated services, including "Protection and encouragement of fisheries." No attempt was made to define either Dominion or Provincial responsibility or jurisdiction, and fisheries questions have since been taken to the Privy Council at least twice.


From Alexandra Mortons blog: The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), our global first line of defence against farm animal epidemics, just stacked the odds against stopping ISA virus from spreading in British Columbia. They stripped the lab I am using to track ISA virus of its international certification.

290 conditions: But the panel has attached 209 conditions, which cover everything from protecting caribou habitat to research into how the oil would behave in a marine environment.

 Enbridge said in a news release that it will "work toward" meeting the conditions. This blogger believes this statement to mean they might look at the conditions and study them to death but they have no intention of meeting them.They have already insulted the First Nations by failing to have "meaningful consultations".And believe me when I say that right now the natives are our last line of defense.

The Feds themselves said that Enbridge has a insufficient spill response plan. 2012 Postmedia

Yet Harper continues to defend them.

Rabble:  during this time, we have seen the federal majority Conservative government gut Canada’s environmental laws through omnibus bills and streamline the review process for future major resource projects all in what would appear to be an attempt to roll out these projects regardless of the risks and objections. Now we hear the feds want to cut $100 million from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO).

And now Harper is dismantling the DFO further.  http://grist.org/news/canadas-energy-officials-take-over-job-of-protecting-fish-from-pipelines/

I allege that all of this  bullshit is part of a master plan. What it is I don't exactly know but I'm leaning toward the destruction of all the wild fish so the Salmon Farms can take over the fishery.

Sound crazy? Think about it. With no wild salmon the argument that the  pipeline and tankers will go out the window. The Salmon farmers will do what should have been done in the first place. Move on shore.

With pipelines breaking over our waterways (read spawning runs) and tankers rupturing in Douglas Channel the fish will be wiped out Birds and animals will die off and the mining companies like Teck can build their mines wherever and whenever they want and acidic tailings will further pollute the land and water.

The food chain will crumble and food will be out of reach for the poor and middle class.Only the rich will be able to afford to live. Why? Because they are the ones who paid off the politicians to get what they wanted and destroyed it all..

And the irony is that we let it happen. WE HAD THE VOTE! But we let  big business do their thing and pay to have the laws changed and rearranged to their liking. WE HAD THE VOTE. And we didn't use it properly. We let this happen. And right now in British Columbia we are paying the price. And we can't expect help from Ontario and Quebec. They hold the balance of power but I fear they don't have a clue what's happening out here.

So what's left? I believe that right now or at least before 2015 we should start proceedings toward Secession.before we hit the point of no return.


ron wilton said...

This province has been in a death spiral since the moment David MacLeans handlers told him to recruit the hapless but ambitious Campbell to run for the leadership of the so -called Liberal party and financed him through to conclusion of one of their goals,the deft theft of BC Rail.

Another of their goals was to get water and electricity to California so they could control virtually all of North American agriculture.

Thusly they sent their point man Arnold Schwarzenegger to schmooze the puppet some more and get their hands on Fraser River water and all the goofy run of the river hydro schemes and site C.

The first thing that had to be done though was to destroy the wild salmon runs with diseased foreign fish farms, which it now appears , is about to happen.

They then sent out their third emissary, Gwyn Morgan, to 'advise' the hapless and woefully uneducated Ms. Clark, and lock up the political power to permit the Enbridge pipeline and all of Morgan's Encana LNG endeavours.

Along the way, both Campbell and Clark, were deluded into various 'P3' infrastructure building programs with another of Morgan's friends, SNC Lavalin, that have been robbing the BC treasury ever since.

Throw in the bankruptcy of BC Hydro and the corruption of ICBC, and many other 'initiatives', and we as a province have ceased to be a viable, sustainable entity.

Jon Ghun said...

I have got to agree with all that's been said here.

Thanks for being here you guys.

There's so much to be said, and done, that I'm going to leave at that for now.

Save to add that we either take it back or it gets destroyed.

Anonymous said...

It's already too late to save Canada from Harper. No-one connects the dots nor pay attention.

Are Canadians so blind, they don't see the evil Harper is doing to this country? Kicking our Veterans in their faces? Giving our resources and resource jobs to Harper's foreigners.

American Police operating in Canada? Americans Wenzel and Parker who directly participated in two Conservative campaigns? Front Porch Strategies, accused for the robo-calls that came out of the U.S? Harper's majority was cheated so, they could get the North American Union set up. Corporations are, bottomless pits of greed, they also want a huge cheap labor pool.

Harper and his planeship of fools going to Israel? For what reason? Perhaps to set up another Union, as we already have the European Union?

I have been tracking the meetings of the 3 Amigo's, for more than a few years. Harper and Obama's spats, a total joke. The Keystone pipeline was always a go.

Then there is the TPP which is, a corporate give-a-way. The 3 Amigo's meetings are for the NAU. Big business only want one government to deal with, instead of three. Big business have been pushing the NAU, for quite some time. Easier for the corporations to thieve.

So, heads up for the meeting of the 3 Amigo's meeting, coming up this month.

We will be, Mexcanaricans. Our currency will be, the Amero dollar.

Kim said...

Yes. This really needed to be said.

Thank you.