Balanced Budget???

     Our friend Grant G at the Powell River Persuader has been asking where the media have been on the bullshit coming from the Liberals.

     I too have been wondering what they are up to. But then I remember that the Mainstream Media In BC is big business. So that answers my question.

     But something has been really pissing me off.

     Then present morons that are supposed to be running this province handed down a budget the other day. And they have been touting a balanced budget. WTF??

      How can a budget be balanced when it is dependent on selling off ( I maintain giving away) our assets? You know, giving them away just like they broke apart our Ferry system, emasculated Hydro (so that our hydro bills are going through the roof. And my all time favorite Giving Away BC Rail. Actually with all the tax and other exemptions I figure we paid CN $235 Million to take the railway. And I have been saying it for years with no challenges from the Liberals.

      So their balanced budget is entirely dependnet on them giving away what is left of our assets. How can that be I wonder? Because any budgets I have been involved with depend on getting the cash during that Physical year.

     Now lets look at what property sales are like in BC right now. Where I live there are properties that have been on the market for three years an more.And most of the listings are REDUCED. My property alone was devalued (under the BC Assessment by $6000. And it is a relatively inexpensive piece of land.So if they don't sell off peoperty within this budget year where the christ is the money going to come from?

     And I am getting so sick of the liberals Chief Cheerleader (the former premiers brother) pimping the situation like it was all roses.News flash Mikey. we aren't buying your bullshit. That's right, Bullshit. You haven't got a clue what you are talking about. There's a vacuum between your ears. You are so devoid of any knowledge that is relevant in this province it makes me puke. It sickens me so much that when your MSM buddies have you on I change the channel.

     So where is the MSM on this? Why aren't they asking how the government can balance a budget when there is't even a snowballs chance in hell   of coming up with the money they are telling us they are going to get.

     And while I'm here, quit asking the NDP what they will do and telling us they have a hidden agenda. You know as well as I do they can't give you anything until they see the books. And the Liberals have bankrupt this province . It's not they that have a hidden agenda. Why don't the liberals tell us right now that if they get elected they are going to re-introduce the HST?



Bullshit Shoveler of B.C. said...

Why don t the Lieberals tell us what is going into the fire sale. So that we can make our minds up if we want them in the position to sell our assets. This pack of theaves forget that we [NOT THEM] own these assets. When they sell everything off and there is nothing left, how the fuck are they going to balance the books then, sell all the crown land to the chinese so they can bring in there own people to run bc. My prediction is that the lieberals are going to morph into another party. Just like the socreds morphed into lieberals. They will win less tham 5 seats in the next election. We cannot afford to let them sell anything else. They have just about cleaned us out. Remember the last elections, we will not sell B.C. rail, we are not even considering an HST. What will it take to open peoples eyes. The lieberals and there hacks are saying don t trust the NDP, what a joke. The lieberal will tell you they have some ocean front property just this side of Alberta they want to sell to balance the budget and there hacks and the msm will go to work advertizing it for them. This is just as true as there budget they just handed down. What a joke. As Russel Peters would say [ just take it and go ] or as I would say [ f--k off you bunch of liers ]

Gary E said...

Bullshit Shoveler of B.C

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has noticed but if you look at past practices of the Lib/Soc/Cons they tend to try and blame the NDP before an election that which they themselves will do after an election.

You know. Things like they are best suited to manage the economy. Hinting the NDP cannot. Yet after that statement the libs under both Campbell and Clark have tanked the economy and basically bankrupt the province.
They keep asking where the money for programs is going to come from. Oh, I'd say if we took back our assets that they so readily GAVE to their buddies we would have a pretty good social network here.
Right now they are trying to deflect news of their Cronyism by asking where the NDP will get money.

Hell, we don't even have to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, all we have to do is plug the tax loop holes and end corporate welfare.