BC Mary: Simply The Best

     BC Mary has passed.
     Our hearts go out to her family and close friends.

     It is because of BC Mary that I started this blog. I had been attending the Basi-Virk trial in Vancouver whenever I was down there and I had a lot to say. Every time I read a comment of hers in the Tyee I had something to add. I was commenting on her site when I left the courthouse but there was some kind of a glitch and she wasn't getting the comments. Mary had been suggesting that I start a blog of my own as I had much to say with a different angle. It wasn't until February 2008 that I found help in setting up this blog.
The first person to welcome me was BC Mary.

     As with many others we corresponded through e-mails and she would always remember what I was working on and sent emails and attachments. I didn't post them all but I certainly saved every one of them.

     I found that Mary was as passionate about the Campbell crooks paying CN Rail to take our railway as I was. It was theft of the worst kind for the people of BC and BC Mary never let anyone forget it. Even after the payoff and quick shutting down of the court case she was relentless.Never letting us forget what the Campbell hoards did to the people of BC.

     BC Mary you may be gone but you will not be forgotten. Rest in Peace

     Gary Edwards


SharingIsGood said...

My condolences to all who have loved BC Mary. I miss her dearly, already.
Most sincerely,

Beth said...

Oh Mary.. I feel so sad at your passing, brave courageous warm funny I did not know you except for your wonderful blog, you worked so hard for the people of b.c.
Mary you showed us what the power of ONE person can do
I dont often post on blogs but to family and friends of this amazing woman, my heart goes out to you I too miss her dearly
Thank you for all you have given

Anonymous said...

This is a huge loss for the people of this province. BUT, we must never let this issue pass. The fight must continue until the full public inquiry is complete. Mary would want this, and would EXPECT IT. To the bloggers who had contact and have been involved with keeping the issue alive, PLEASE CARRY ON. The truth must come out.

Gary E said...

Sharing Is Good: first let me apologize for the delay in responding to your comment. As you can imagine I have been quite upset at this news even though I had inklings of what was to come. We will all miss her but one thing I am hoping for is that another certain blogger who knew Mary from the beginning and quite possibly before will attempt to carry on with the Legislature Raids. My reason for this is that most of the traffic at least on my blog comes from the Legislature Raids. It's a focal point. I believe the rest of us should feed what we get to Marys' site. I have yet to talk to others but intend to do so shortly. And if they read this before I get to them maybe they could supply feed back.

Beth. Thank you for posting on my blog. You don't know how much that means to me to have someone who rarely posts do the posting here. Mary will be missed.

Anon 8:08 AM. Many people in this province have no Idea how much of a loss this will be. As I mentioned to S.I.G. we now need some kind of catalyst to carry this struggle forwards. Not just for us but for Mary as well.

I hope to have news in the next couple of days as to what we can or will do.

Beth said...

kind words.. thank you ,
just to let you know I check your blog every day, bc mary was my home page and I think you were the first one to have the news of her death posted, Ive had you on my list of "must reads" every day

Gary E said...

Hi Beth

I considered BC Marys' blog as my home page but found that I could read other things by her in The Tyee comments first. Thus the Tyee is my home page. Although I read many other online papers. And I amuse myself by checking the mainstream media online just to see what they are not reporting.

I believe Laila Yuille had a post up first (she types faster than I do) but who's counting.

I know there are many people out there that visit this blog but only a few comment. Sometimes I wish more would. I regret that recently, and I believe for the first time, someone posted here and I accidently hit the delete button and lost the post. Not knowing the ins and outs of these computers I try something every day to find that post.
The trolls learned a long time ago that I catch on fast and I will deliberately delete them. But if someone has real constructive criticism I'll post the comment.

Thanks for stopping by.