Lower Mainland Gets New Tax

  Before contracts have even been Let the government has rammed through a new tax to build the Evergreen line. I was wondering how this could be done so speedily when the HST removal would take up to two years, when I spotted the following comment in a article in the Province.


4:56 PM on 10/17/2011
Funny how a new tax can get legislated in a matter of weeks, but to get rid of a tax it takes a provincial vote and then almost two years.

Not only did I think of the speed of the legislation, but wasn't there a previous tax that was to cover the line? Time doesn't permit me to research this in the next couple of days so maybe some of my readers could help.


North Van's Grumps said...

2010 CBC did a write up on your topic, so too did Frances Bula but her link is broken....which is typical of the Globe and Mail. If you really want to gain access to all of the columns in the Globe and Mail, just "dial" into your public library and go to the Canadian Newstand section.

But, back to the CBC, http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/11/10/bc-translink-property-tax-hike.html

"Hike property taxes TransLink advises mayors"
Last Updated: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | 11:38 AM PT
CBC News

Ms. Bula's original Post is dated March 18, 2010 but doesn't give a date time stamp of which edition of the Globe and Mail she is referring to. http://www.francesbula.com/uncategorized/fears-of-a-new-property-tax-to-pay-for-evergreen-line-percolate/

Gary E said...

Thanks NVG

I was up a little early this morning and started some researching on the ALRT in BC. One of the things I came up with almost immediately was that the Evergreen Line was initially part of the Millenium Line RFP's. Evergreen was cancelled by the Campbell minions around 2002. I think that may be where I was thinking that there was already a tax. Time permitting I'll look deeper, and thanks for the links. They will certainly help.

Hugh said...

What do you think of smart meters? Costs a billion, while BC Hydro has been hiding billions of its debt in deferred accounts. BC Hydro owes billions to IPPs for power it doesn't need.

They say we won't get time of day billing, but that's the idea behind smart meters elsewhere. The rate goes up during the day, when we use hydro.

Gary E said...

What I think about smart meters Hugh could fill a book.But the readers digest version is that the liberal government is going to privatize Hydro one way or the other.The smart meters are being forced on us now so the company that takes over can gouge the shit out of us and the government can say "it's not our fault."
Here's an interesting link with a smart meter kit in it.
It's well worth the read.