Hit List Of Items Previously Exempt From PST

From Fight HST

The “Real” Fight HST Hit List

Here is a list of the items previously exempt from PST that will now have HST applied to them at 7% additional.
  • Accounting
  • Admission Fees
  • Advertising
  • Airline tickets
  • Animal feeds (hay is exempt)
  • Appliance repair & maintenance
  • Architects
  • Art Galleries Admission
  • Attractions / Events
  • Ballet Lessons
  • Basic Cable TV
  • Bicycles
  • Campgrounds
  • Cigarettes / Cigars
  • Catering
  • Chinese medicine
  • Clothing –adult sized children
  • Clothing – used adult (less than $100)
  • Coffee shops
  • Commercial Leases
  • Compost
  • Computer servicing
  • Concert Tickets
  • Condo management fees
  • Consulting services
  • Conveyance fees
  • Delivery Services
  • Dietary supplements
  • Dry cleaning
  • Driving Range fees
  • Electronics repair
  • Energy equipment
  • Esthetician Services
  • Fast food – Beverages
  • Fire extinguishers
  • First aid kits
  • Fishing charters
  • Fitness Club memberships
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Food producing trees and plants
  • Freight (in BC)
  • Funeral services
  • Golf fees
  • Grass Cutting
  • Hair cuts
  • Hall rental
  • Health equipment
  • Helmets
  • Hockey tickets
  • Hockey rink rentals
  • Home appraisals
  • Home inspections
  • Home maintenance
  • Home renovations (Labour)
  • Horse Boarding
  • Horse Shows
  • Horse riding lessons
  • House Cleaning services
  • Insulation
  • Interior design services
  • Investment Counseling fees
  • Landscaping
  • Life jackets
  • Limousine rentals
  • Magazines/ newspapers
  • Marketing services
  • Massage therapy
  • Membership fees
  • Moorage
  • Museum admissions
  • Movies / Theatre
  • Moving Costs
  • Music MP3 downloads
  • Naturopathy
  • New Homes (some rebates applicable)
  • Nicotine replacements
  • Non-prescription meds
  • Painting
  • Parking
  • Photography
  • Postage
  • Private Bus fares
  • Printing
  • Rail travel (originating in BC)
  • Real estate fees
  • Reflexology
  • Rentals for Weddings, Canopy, Tuxedo etc.
  • Reroofing House
  • Restaurant meals
  • RV parks
  • Safety equipment (Not all safety and Energy Equipment is affected)
  • School supplies
  • Shoe repairs
  • Skiing
  • Smoke detectors
  • Snow removal
  • Solar power
  • Some groceries
  • Spa services
  • Sports Training / Lessons
  • Storage lockers
  • Tailoring
  • Taxi fares
  • Telephone (Basic Charge for landlines will be affected)
  • Theatre admissions
  • Veterinarian
  • Video downloads
  • Vitamins
  • Wedding Planner
  • Windows (energy star)
  • Rentals / Strata fees (Though they are HST exempt, most people will notice increases brought on by an increase in maintenance costs and other costs associated with owning Rental and Strata properties)
  • Used cars / trucks / boats / non-turbine aircraft (Private Sale will have an additional 5% tax, it is not called HST)
Update: here are some interesting graphs and info I found from David Schrecks blog

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    As a senior on a fixed pension. I received a call from my house insurance company. The price has gone up $165.00 from last year. When I asked why, they said the materials to repair went way up, because of the HST.

    Food costs have also gone up. Freight has gone up, because of the, outrageous price of fuel. Then we had, the "new" carbon tax hike. Now we have the cost of hydro, going up to 53% more.

    Christy has done nothing about the price gouging in this province. Her family's first is a lie. The HST comes first with Christy.

    Where are the BC Liberals logistics? BC lost a huge number of jobs, because of the HST. And so too, have many restaurants closed their doors, the HST killed them. Where is the logic, to steal every dime from the people, and leave us, with not enough money to live on?

    No-one I know, has saved one red cent, by the HST. All the HST has done, is drive the cost of living sky high.

    The HST was a scam by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, to thieve from the people, and give our BC HST, to big businesses.

    Christy's family's first, run out of money, before their next payday. Their savings have gone. Now they have to bridge the gap, by living off their credit cards. Any emergency, such as a leaking roof, goes on their credit cards. So does car and house insurance.

    The BC Liberals greed, is disgusting. Campbell thieved and sold everything he laid his hands on. Christy is backing Campbell's insanity, to the hilt.

    Falcon and his non stop threats against the citizens, are so childish and immature. He was on the news, and bare faced lied about the HST. Where are those jobs, Mr. Falcon, there are thousands of BC people who would just love to know?