Stop The HST In 100 Mile House

the Initiative To End The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) petition signing campaign will kick off at the Cariboo Mall in 100 Mile House on Saturday April 10 2010 (tomorrow) From 10 AM till 2PM.

I made my annual trip to the Barber Shop today and was pleasantly surprised after informing the Barber of the times and date, when he said thanks for the information. He has had people poking their heads in the door apparently antsy to sign the petition. From there the regular Barbershop discussion started. I had to end the conversation early because first of all I am a bearded "longhair" and I felt too much was being trimmed off. And secondly I had to pick up the Van from the glass shop.

Being a small town I don't think the last minute announcement will be a problem. Only one person I have spoken to was hesitant. EVERYONE else is very enthusiastic.

So for the people in the South Cariboo around 100 Mile House we'll see you at the mall (Safeway). If you don't make it don't worry we will still be knocking on doors. For all my readers, I will post again on the results either way, tomorrow.

     For those interested there is a calculator which will let you know just how much you will pay extra per year with this tax shift. Go to   http://www.bcndp.ca/?q=hst/calc

UPDATE 6PM Saturday

As previously reported we were in the Cariboo Mall from 10 AM until 2PM. There were a lot of people there but being a vacation community many of them were "weekenders"  But never fear they all wanted to know if theyt could sign the petition at our table. We explained that this isn't possible under the terms. Some were aprehensive that they would be here for two weeks and would miss the signing but when it was explained that this petition would be out there for 90 days they were visibly relieved.

     As we are in the southern and Eastern end of the Cariboo Chilcotin riding many asked where they could sign. We stated that many malls would have the petition nearby and that there were canvassers like ourselves going door to door. So there's a good chance they would get to sign.
     There are very few canvassers at this time due to an overload at Elections BC. Official status has been slow in coming. But please be patient Elections BC is working very hard to complete their task. In fact at this writing they may be done.

      So the end result today is about 170 signatures in this small community (I canvassed on the way home) with an estimated double that of enquiries that could not sign. Not bad for something that wasn't even advertised before hand.



Leah said...

Hi Gary, not sure if you know about this site or not, it's very new...and right up your alley. It's written by Damien Gillis and Rafe Mair...and is among my top 5.


Check it out?

Gary E said...

Leah. I'm sorry that I haven't got back to you here sooner. Like the "Powell River Persuader" I have been out canvassing.
I do have that website. In Fact Rafe gave it to me. I'm on his mailing list. And it is embedded in my favorites. Anyone else who is reading this is encouraged to copy and paste the adress. This site is very informative. A much etter balance of reporting than the MSM.