Carole James Vows Concrete Measures To Insure Integrity

From the BCNDP Newswire
"It's time to end insider corruption under Gordon Campbell"

North Vancouver - Carole James vowed to end BC Rail-style corruption with tough new laws to regulate lobbying and conflicts of interest.

"Gordon Campbell paid his top advisor Patrick Kinsella $300,000 to help sell off BC Rail in a deal tainted by corruption," James said today at the North Vancouver BC Rail yards.

"More than five years after the unprecedented police raid on the legislature, Campbell still refuses to answer questions about the largest political scandal in BC history," she said.

"Campbell has gone too far in rewarding friends and insiders. The NDP will clean up government and bring in tough rules to make sure that friends and insiders don't benefit from the sell-off of our public resources," said James.

She noted that in 2001, Gordon Campbell promised he wouldn't sell BC Rail.

"He broke that promise, and handed a public asset worth a billion dollars to his political friends and donors. The NDP will put an end to that," said James.

The NDP will strengthen conflict of interest legislation, close loopholes in the Lobbyist Registration Act, introduce tough new rules to restrict lobbyist influence over decision-makers and institute campaign finance reform to ensure that the public interest comes first. Carole James and the NDP are committed to a full public inquiry on BC Rail.

"If he's re-elected, Gordon Campbell will continue to give away our public resources and services to the benefit of his friends," said James.

"Together, we can stop him. Together, we can take back your BC."

Now while I have the chance I will search the MSN for this article.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the opposition parties haven't come out with a "positve" advertisement whereby the page is absolutely blank except for two words NO COMMENT - Premier Gordon Campbell

He dissolves the legislature and NOW he has something to say to the public. Such arrogance!

Gary E said...

That's a real good idea anon 8:48pm.

He also shut down the last session early because he couldn't stand the heat.
FYI: Bill Tieleman has a poll out asking where is Patrick Kinsella exactly if he's working in the Campbell Campaign.

I am alleging here that he is Campbells' chief advisor and Campbell is in touch with Kinsella every day. Not buried in the mix as Campbell would try to have us believe.