Back in 2004 CN Met With North Van City

The following is from the Teamsters Rail Union page:

City of North Vancouver Meets with CN Rail Officials Regarding Recent Sale
of BC Rail. Council Vows to Oppose the Sale

In response to the recent sale of BC Rail to Canadian National Rail, and the resulting planned closure of BC Rail's head office in the City of North Vancouver , Mayor Barbara Sharp and City staff have met with the CN Rail officials to discuss the negative impact on the City of North Vancouver . At the meeting, the full impact of the sale was discussed, as well as CN
Rail's future plans, and the City's request for mitigation measures. CN Rail officials have confirmed the following facts regarding the impact on local operations: - there are 379 active BC Rail employees in North Vancouver - 172 of these employees will be retained - 74 will be offered early retirement - 99 positions will be eliminated through attrition and
severances - 24 will be relocated to CN in Edmonton - 10 will be relocated to CN in Prince George CN officials confirmed that passenger service will not be part of their operations. Portions of the existing BC Rail yard will not be acquired as part of their operating "franchise". CN has identified the track lines they require, and disposal of surplus assets will be at the
discretion of the Provincial Government. CN officials confirmed their commitment to retain operations on the existing line to the north. CN Rail will continue to operate from the head office at Chesterfield and Esplanade for a minimum of three years. They will reduce their presence at that location by subletting surplus space or returning it to the Province. CN Rail will provide details regarding the lease for this building including its obligations for disposal of excess space after that time. The CN yard
at Lynn Creek will continue to operate although some operations may be relocated to the western yard to improve efficiency.

As a result they will look at the land holdings at Lynn Creek and will strive to create developable parcels. The City has requested that a commitment be made to initiate noise mitigation practices in this area due to the close proximity to the Cloverley neighbourhood. There are no other "off track" parcels or buildings in the City affected. Further to the meeting with CN Rail officials, City Council has adopted a resolution to reiterate its opposition to the sale of BC Rail and call for a full public disclosure of all documents held by the Province of British Columbia with regards to the sale of BC Rail to CN Rail. Council has also resolved to contact all North Shore MLA's urging them to vote against the sale. "The City plans to make its
voice heard on this matter," says Mayor Barbara Sharp. "The loss of 200 professional and technical jobs, as well as the City's grant in lieu risk of approximately $140,000, arriving on the heels of the Province's recent Ports tax cap which delivers a liability of $1.25 million, will impact the City's economy, therefore, we will aggressively oppose this sale. " The Council
motion will be circulated to all MLA's and all member municipalities. .....[snip]

Of course we know that neither CN nor the provincial Gov't evr deliberately made any disclosure. And I'd like to know just how many of the 172 employees are left at BC Rail in North Van. Also do they still own the head office building on West Esplanade?

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