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David Schreck has a good take on the Campbell Cabal's answers to the layoffs at Olympic time.

March 10, 2009

Olympic Impacts

The Campbell government is pulling figures out of the air when it comes to quantifying the economic benefits of the 2010 games. The studies involve very long time spans, too long to be relevant as an economic stimulus for the current recession. The people who will feel the immediate economic consequences of the games are those who are being laid off, have yet to be laid off and who won't be able to get to work due to traffic and security. Everyone in the Lower Mainland won't have tickets to Olympic events, but everyone will have their lives disrupted - some much more so than others.[snip.....

I had another thought. The only economic uptick I can see in this mess is for big business. The trickle down effect will never reach the common man.

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