Legislature Recalled For Nov. 20,2008

The sitting premier in the province of British Columbia manipulated the news media on Wednesday in the province to get free air time for some election stumping. Initially BCTV was not biting but when it came down to the wire they devoted at least 12 minutes to this free pre-election boondoggle. CBC was the only network to cover it only after they could get some answers.

Among other things he announced they would reduce Ferry Fares for December and January. As it turned out this move was totally unknown to the CEO of the now privatized Ferry system. So why would the Premier do that?

Well the spin doctors have been working overtime all day with every excuse in the book. But I allege that this move was only the biggest sham of the governments campaign kickoff.

So now we come to the title of this piece. Legislature recall for November 20, 2008. A recall that would have been totally unnecessary had this premier had a fall session to answer the many questions that we have for him. I am asking "why is he waiting a month?" But this sitting premier appears (in this instance) to be no fool.
Timing is everything. First, there will be a months grace in which he hopes that the smoke will clear. He's so out of touch that he doesn't realize that we the electorate are past being pissed off totally with him. They are absolutely outraged.
Second: the recall as far as I can see will only give them five days to mull over this farce. No time again to bring in proper legislation. And I will say it here now. He will invoke closure to ram it through.
Third and most important. Given the fact that the BC Ferries CEO was shut out of a process of government interference in a Private company, this was nothing but another political grandstand photo-op by this premier. Just for example, look how Ontario handled their take on what was going on in this country and around the world. The Ontario Finance Minister stood in the Legislature and delivered the bad news. Not the premier. It is the job of the provincial and federal finance ministers to deliver this news. And when they deliver it they have done their homework and give specifics not generalities like this premier.
So, the month delay, I allege is for all the pertinent ministers to scramble, make sense, and give us specifics.
No wonder he gave them big raises. But given the way he is running things I can't for the life of me figure out why he gave himself one.


North Van's Grumps said...


In Vaughn Palmer's Voice of the People last night the Finance Minister (BC Liberals) was asked that very question about the Fall sitting to which the out-of-touch cabinet minister replied...... November the 19th, because its the 150th anniversary of our province joining confederation. We are going to be celebrating Douglas Day by having the government sit down at Fort Langley as did WAC Bennett did in 1958.

Question from Vaughn Palmer "was that the whole legislative assembly in 1958 or just the Socred caucus" to which the reply came back that it was all of the MLAs in BC, however in this goodwill gesture of recognizing Douglas Day 2008, it will only be the BC Liberals vying for another photo op...... before the next provincial election.

To which Vaughn said in closing, and moving onto another topic (at which I moved onto another channel because of the narrow minded arrogance of the BC Liberals, again... "The Opposition are part of the Legislative Assembly, they too would appreciate a photo op as well"

Gary E said...


Thanks for this update. It's very much appreciated. I had to revisit an article in the Sun Archives online to make sure I wasn't wrong in the Recall Date.

So now the question is why did the minister say the 19th? Could Vaughn have been correct that the caucus would meet in Langley the day before the Leg is recalled. Presumably to discuss the plan of attack. ie: monopolize the sitting, invoke closure and whatever other undemocratic things they can think of?

kootcoot said...

"He's so out of touch that he doesn't realize that we the electorate are past being pissed off totally with him. They are absolutely outraged."

If only you were correct with the statement above, Gary. Unfortunately I fear that waaaaaay tooooo many British Columbians are way too addicted to the Canned Waste/Glowball koolaid that is dispensed from virtually the only koolaid stands in the province.

As to the comments above concerning the "BC Liars only" photo op in Langley the day before the Ledge sitting see:

Post Democratic Alberta, from September 6, 2006, at Rag's Mag, part way down the page.

Also see, as much as I hate to point somebody to that Lamestream online publication posing as "progressive" the Mild One Online, the Tyee!

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